The Burmese military dictatorship took over power on March 2, 1962 and has been introducing ethnic cleansing since. There are more than a hundred ethnic groups in Burma who are gradually becoming extinct.

Ethnic nationalities of Burma are forbidden to study their languages and practice their religious beliefs. Their cultures are disappearing and they no longer know how to speak or write their own languages. Their land is being taken away from them. They become internally displaced. They are relocated to places where there is no way to make their living. They have to work as slaves for the military. They are used to clear land mines and carry military equipment as porters. They suffer all kinds of abuse and oppression. Husbands and sons are killed, wives and daughters are raped. Children and infants are burned alive. The ethnic nationalities have become internal colonies. They are oppressed by the military dictatorship of Burma and are trapped in the nest of a heartless monster.

The Karen people and all the other ethnic nationalities have fought to defend themselves for over 50 years to survive ethnic cleansing.

We provide scholarships to prospective students from Burma regardless of their ethnic origin.
We prepare students to able to integrate into the international education system.
We aim to upgrade the education system in the ethnic regions of Burma.
We help maintain the culture and literature of the different ethnic nationalities of Burma.
We publish materials about the struggle of the ethnic nationalities of Burma.

To document the culture and daily life of the Karen People who are in refugee camps and who are internally displaced.
To inform the world about the plight of the ethnic nationalities.
To bring a new generation of leaders to Burma.
To help people to survive and bring peace to the region.

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