The Karens are generally thought to be one of the
Mongolian tribes that traversed the central Asian plains,
some moving further east into the vast lands of China,
others turned south into South Western China and
Burma and further down south into Northern
Thailand. Read more Article by Saw Spencer Zan

Synopsis of the modern Karen People
A Dream of a Life without War
Naw Sar's Story
Naw Hsar Wah Wah's Story
A Medic's Story
Who wants to give hope to those who have no hope?

In 1999, the interfaith refugee Committee of Southeastern
Connecticut sponsored an ethnic Karen woman Drucie Bathin and her two children to come to the Untied States of America. She fled from the oppression and mass killing of her people by the military dictatorship in Burma. She was not allowed to study her own language, culture, tradition and literature. She has long being to get education since she was a preschooler. However, because of many problems, she would not be able to go to school. Read more


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