Date: Sun, 16 Apr 2006 16:06:11 -0700

209 newly displaced Karen people from Toungoo District head towards the Salween river, fleeing Burma Army attack. They are pictured here being helped by the Karen resistance (Karen National Union) to cross a Burma Army controlled road on their escape route.

IDP Father and Daughter crossing Burma Army controlled car road on their way to the Salween River. April 10, 2006. (left)
Group of IDPs, total of 209, wait to cross Burma Army controlled car road. April 8, 2006.(center)
IDPs approach road before crossing. April 8, 2006. (right)
The 209 people are from the villages listed below.

Si Keh Der-14 families, 82 people.
Plo Mu Der- 6 families, 25 people,
Poe Mu Der- 2 families, 9 people,
Wah Lo-5 families, 29 people,
Yer Lo-2 families, 10 people,
Si Daw Ko-1 family, 4 people,
Plo Baw Der-1 family, 2 people,
Bway Baw Der-2 families, 7 people,
Ka Ser Doh-2 families, 7 people,
Sha See Bo-2 families, 12 people.
Total: 37 families, 209 (includes 22 students).
Update of Situation in Mon Township, Nyaunglebin District,10 April 2006:

The situation continues to deteriorate here with over 1,400 still displaced in this township alone and more Burma Army troops on the move. Two civilians fishing near their village were shot by a Burma Army patrol . One man died on the spot, the other although badly wounded managed to run away. This incident occurred on 9 April, in the area of Thu Bin Yu village, close to the border of Nyaunglebin and Toungoo Districts, Western Karen State, Burma.

The Burma Army patrol of about 300 men is now on the way to these men's village. Now the villagers are preparing to flee.